So it appears that I have once again neglected blogging entirely. I did end up making the vegan curry as promised in my last post, but there is absolutely no evidence.

The good news is I’ve lost 14 pounds! To be honest, I slacked off for two months before the April 1st deadline of the weightloss contest at work. I also mostly slacked off in the month of March. See: My Birthday, Others Birthdays, Austin Trip, Etc. So I was 2 weeks out and suddenly I realize I had 7 pounds to lose but not the gratuitous amount of time I’d had at the start. Crash dieting over 10 days I managed to drop 9 pounds and exceed my goal. Yes I realize this is mostly water weight, but it will certainly motivate me to exercise and watch what I eat here on out. Jon and I are planning on *finally* going to the gym. Mostly because he wants to wear a skin tight spiderman suit for comic con.

Speaking of goals. I think I am going to make a To Do List. Like an actual, physical piece of paper that I am going to keep in my wallet so I can cross things out when I finish them. It’s the only way I get things done at work. There’s just something so satisfying about crossing things out. Sometimes I even put things I’m halfway finished with on my list just so I can take my red pen to it. It need to be a list of both Goals and goals… Just to keep things realistic and moving forward.

But just in case I lose it, here’s my list for the rest of 2013:

1. Save up money for a down payment + new furniture
2. Make a costume for comic con and not be embarrassed in
3. Maintain weight and do not go over 140.
4. Throw a baby shower
5. Get a raise at work
6. Get lash extensions
7. Plan an exciting minivacation/staycation
8. Pay my own car insurance
9. Finally bake some macarons + photograph the process
10. Take my DSLR more places and get less awkward with it.