yesterday i spent the most money at sprouts farmers market than i ever have.  $93.95.

as expected and stereotypical as it sounds, i’ve decided that 2014 will be the year that i finally make real resolutions and stick to them. basically every year i’ll make some passing remark that i want to get more fit, eat healthier, or start blogging. This is the year for some real changes to be made!

i’ve had this domain name for years and always get distracted by other things in order to really get anything started; instead i spend my free time browsing other peoples recipes, craft projects, and lives. it’s about time i start my own.

having recently been married jon & i have put on what my kind friends are calling love weight. apparently “love” equates to about fourteen pounds. this is similar to a gestation period for a human child, except now, 9 months later, i have nothing but really tight pants to show for it.

thus began my healthy eating journey. i’ve always been a fairly decent eater. i cook most things from scratch because i enjoy it and grew up eating wholesome foods. “scratch”, however, ¬†includes butter, sugar & rice. much to my delight i amassed a wealth of baking supplies from the wedding and i have been putting them to good use! (i should have started this blog when i went through my baking phase, really)

now i’m starting true clean eating, making my own granola bars, alfalfa wraps and all. somehow this led me to a curiosity in quitting shampoo in lieu of honey & apple cider vinegar?

WHAT’S HAPPENING? one of the stock boys at sprouts knows me now and remembers to ask me about weekend and vacation plans.

ps. i’m on day 3 of insanity and it’s terrible. but i also find myself looking forward to the workouts. who is this person i’m becoming?